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Yay! I've now finally managed to create four eBooks!

I must confess it's taken quite a long time to start the eBook process, as I knew they’d take a humongous amount of work and countless hours to revise, edit and format. Similar to a rabbit having to take shelter in its burrow it had to take a harsh winter to forcibly confine me to work indoors!

Given the eBooks are part of a series it’s essential that I carry on working on them – but will only be able to manage one at a time! Fortunately there are only two other titles left to go: What's for Dinner Mum? & The A to Z of Health.

One of the great benefits of digital (compared to cost restraints of printed paper) is that I could go crazy and add tons of illustrative photos (in full colour) throughout. 


Learning all about bunnies eBook

Invest $17.00 (AUD) and be well informed about how to take the best care of your pet rabbits as well as understanding a great deal more about their behaviour.


Subject titles include: Benefits of pet rabbits, What bunnies don’t like, Decisions, decisions! Getting to know one another, Baby substitutes, Rescued rabbits, The child’s pet? Strange behaviour, Making sounds, Body language, Stomping, Aggressiveness, Curing bad habits, Are rabbits intelligent? Rabbit companionship, Human friends, Introducing bunny to other pets, Secret scenting methods, Neutering, Have bunny will travel, Handling techniques, Manicures, Moulting time & Bunny massage

Learning all about Bunnies is part of series of eBooks that contain chapter excerpts from the highly recommended 'rabbit bible' The Wonderful World of Pet Rabbits.

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Invest $12.00 (AUD) and receive essential advice and information to make sure that your bunny will be comfortably housed in a safe environment.


With so many accommodation options available it's easy to make mistakes this  eBook however will help you make the right decisions, which could possibly save you hundreds of dollars!

Subject titles include: The backyard hutch, Hutch standards, Commercial hutches, Interior furnishings, Construction and location tips, The wire cage, An exercise pen, Going 'walkies', Digging down under, Sharing our home, Indoor cages, Potty training & How to catch a rabbit


Showing off Australian style is mainly based on BRC standards

Cheaper than chips - only $0.00! 

Please share with bunny buddies as I'm hoping giving away a freebie might help to promote and advertise my other books . . .  

Alternatively you can 'PWYW' (Pay What You Want), which is like making a donation to help cover administration fees.

As a retired rabbit judge I wrote 'Showing Off' to provide useful information about what's involved in showing rabbits as well as helping to encourage confidence in exhibitors. 

Subject titles include: The club scene, Novelty or novice classes, Property classes, Breed classes, Pen and table shows, Win some/lose some, Be your own judge, Rabbit rings, Showcasing our breeds, Rabbit jargon & Online shows - photography tips


For only $15.00 (AUD) you have the unique opportunity to access my accumulation
of over 35 years experience in rabbit breeding. You can't just put two rabbits together and hope for the best. Before anyone embarks on such a big responsibility they need to be well prepared and learn as much as they can beforehand - or sooner rather than later!

Subject titles include: The fickle doe, The amorous buck, The big date,

Assisted matings, Is she or isn’t she? Failure to breed, Breeding colonies,

Caring for kittens, Life begins with the pregnant doe, The all important nest box, 

The miracle of birth, A peanut or a runt? Reviving kittens, Orphaned kittens, Nursing, Supplementary feeding, Baby rabbits – the first weeks, How to sex youngsters

& A few questions

Great positives about eBooks:

>   can be sent all across the world without having to pay ridiculous postal charges!

>   readily available and downloaded with just a click of a button!

>   are transferable to multiple reading devices.

  payments made via PayPal, which accept credit cards and various currencies.

>   are eco-friendly and save trees!

>   no waiting period - eBooks are delivered within minutes - you can start reading asap.

>  the paperback had to be limited in the number of colour photos to keep the publishing costs down and make it affordable. The eBooks however are full of vibrantly colourful and illustrative photos throughout.

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