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About my book




I was bound and determined to be a bit different from other rabbit books (some are very basic or just repeat the same old info!) and tried my best to include as much detailed help as I could possibly think of. Considering this is Australia's first and only, fully comprehensive book dedicated to pet rabbits, you'd have to agree it was well overdue!  
The hard copy consists a total of 246 pages with 94 unique, instructive photos and weighs in at a hefty 515 grams – that's pretty thick and heavy compared any other books on the same subject!

Back cover of book: The Wonderful World of Pet Rabbits
This is the one - there's no need to buy another book!

Here it is, the end product I put my heart and soul into, though I certainly never imagined would take years in the making.


I can assure you that it is a 'must have' reference book – absolutely chocker block full of essential information.

The highly recommended and renowned 'rabbit bible' for responsible carers, dedicated to find out as much as they can about their adorable little balls of fluff!

(front and back cover)
Brilliant dust jacket was designed (along with my input) by exceptionally
talented artists Peter and Irene King.


The following are genuine and freely offered opinions – without any arm-twisting, blackmail, coercion or words sneakily added by the author! I have a stack of great testimonials though have only picked out some of my favourites . . . 

    Your book was a fascinating read, I just couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting. It is a very enjoyable, informative book and I will recommend it. My rabbits will certainly enjoy a more diverse selection of foods in the coming warmer months. More of my plants will be recycled by my rabbits – not the compost heap in future. My rabbits have already begun with some new plants to devour and loved them. I just wish I had known about some of the plants before. Since reading your book I have now gone out and bought them a bamboo and I shall certainly be raiding my local woods for some more food for them. Stephanie Mitchell, UK


I bought your book and I can't believe how often I refer to it. It has become my rabbit bible! I absolutely love it and am recommending it to all rabbit people I see! Maxine O'Keefe, NSW


I recently purchased your book and, oh, what a help it has been to me!!! I would like to thank you for writing such a wonderful book and for making it available for such a reasonable price. It is a book, which all rabbit keepers should own, as it covers such a broad range of topics such as breeding, grooming, health, etc. Thanks once again! Mathew Ventura (NSW)


Congratulations! I think it is THE most fantastic and informative rabbit book that I have ever read. When I started in bunnies four years ago I searched everywhere for books and bought every one that I could put my hands on and although some of the overseas books were helpful, none compare to your work. You have covered absolutely everything and I will certainly recommend it to everyone I come across who is interested in bunnies. Good work and I am glad that you took the plunge and gave us a good reference book and a great read for our much-loved hobby. Kerry Mietzel, Mini Lop Breeder, NSW


I found 'The Wonderful World of Pet Rabbits' a most informative book. Being a veterinary surgeon I am experienced in dealing with sick and injured rabbits, but I must confess that I only possess basic knowledge as regards to the general husbandry of rabbits and their behaviour. Christine provides the type of information that can only be acquired through years of breeding, showing and keeping rabbits as pets. I believe this book would be very useful to new rabbit owners, people contemplating keeping rabbits as pets, or even veterinary surgeons such as myself hoping to learn more about the husbandry of rabbits. Malcolm McKnown B.V.Sc, ACT


As a newcomer to the joys of pet rabbits, I highly recommend Christine’s book. ‘The Wonderful World of Pet Rabbits’ provided answers to all of my bunny care questions, while being an entertaining and enjoyable read. When we were given our rabbit, Eddy, I knew nothing about looking after rabbits. I was so grateful to find a book that covered everything. Some highlights for me have been: the section on house training, the excellent information on what to feed your bunny, the section on bunny massage (which Eddy loves) and the helpful problem solving tips right throughout. I found the whole book to be really impressive. Susanne Sawatzki, ACT


It is probably the best book of its kind I have ever read, it told me things it has taken ten years to find out by blood, sweat, tears and vet bills. Obviously the reader it would be ideal for, is someone with rather less experience than myself and I will wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone I know in that position. It amused our vet when I told him about using emu oil (of course we have no emus in England). Sue Bagshaw, UK


Your book is brilliant. Being a bunny novice I had many queries and worries. I immediately delved into 'The Wonderful World of Pet Rabbits' in search of answers to my immediate concerns. Everything was there, from housing, to food, to behaviour (of which I understood nothing). Of all the books I had borrowed from the library, Internet sites and any info I could glean from anyone, your book is by far the most comprehensive, sensible and easy to understand. The warm down to earth no nonsense approach that emanates for the pages is so welcoming and reassuring that I am sure to succeed in raising healthy, happy bunnies.
With appreciation and Best Wishes, Ingrid Johnson, Victoria


Just a quick one to let you know that I received your book the other day. Oh what an absolute wonder it is . . . congratulations Christine! Australian rabbit folk needed a bible and you have provided it . . . . it is a true credit to you and I wish you all the best with it, and thank you once again for sharing your vast knowledge and experiences. Helen Trewarn, Victoria


I found The Wonderful World of Pet Rabbits very informative and I enjoyed the very relaxed and chatty style. I expect that some people may criticize this style as not being 'serious' enough, but I have read plenty of serious books and whilst full of knowledge, they tend to be seriously boring and seriously hard work to read. In contrast this book is very user friendly and very enjoyable to read.

It certainly covers the topic of practical husbandry comprehensively and the depth of knowledge and experience that it contains makes it a great resource for experienced and inexperienced rabbit keepers. It is well set out, easy to access the knowledge within and has lots of great illustrations. The section on toxic plants is a great example and the photos are a fantastic resource and vital to help identify potentially hazardous plants. I did not note any obvious factual or typographic errors, a credit to the editorial staff. Sandy Hume B.V.Sc, ACT


Excerpts from a review published in UK ‘Fur and Feather magazine’ (Dec 2006 issue)
"Christine Carter's book is as good as a chum dropping in; it is chatty and friendly, passes on snippets of rabbit gossip and, best of all is very, very informative. It has found a gap in the rabbit owner's library and filled it to perfection, crossing the boundaries between technical and sentimental very successfully."

"There are tips and useful points littering the pages, covering many points that the average pet owner would never know."

“Every pet rabbit owner should have a copy of this book, it's as reassuring as having an expert friend living in your home."
Barbara Kerks (Fur & Feather columnist)

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