sealpoint Miniature Lop
Life is about taking the time to smell the flowers . .
orange Mini Lop kits
To a bunny rose petals are a yummy sweets!
chocolate otter Mini Cashmere Lop
OMG what a sweet little bundle of fluff!
siamese smoke & siamese sable
Snuggle buns in a pot!
black otter Lop
A stunning contrasting colour pattern!
squirrel Lop bunnies
Siblings sharing a snack.
siamese sable Mini Lop
A cheeky character called BJ.
fawn Mini Cashmere Lop
This little one is only about four weeks old.
chocolate butterfly Mini Lop
Looking warily at the camera!
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No doubt this page will be one of the most visited. Why? Because we all know that animal lovers find their baby counterparts simply irresistible. And you must admit little Lop kits are adorably gorgeous!


These bubs are just a small sample of the wonderful varieties of colours & patterns that used to be produced at Bonreiki Lop Stud. Although they may depict an end to an era it would be a shame to remove the page especially as they contain so many treasured memories.

On the other hand my photos could be utilised for practical purposes, such as provide helpful examples for colour and pattern identification, which are also applicable to most other breeds . . .

Adorable Baby Mini Lop Album

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