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Hi there, hope you have an enjoyable time browsing around and of course you're welcome to drop in at any time, as my door is always open to fellow bunny buddies!

News Bulletin​
Well, the time had come to renew my old website though since it was a bit outdated I made the executive decision to change my web host and give it a major overhaul. This is taking a great deal of time and effort, as there are a number of pages yet to be uploaded - however it should be worth it in the long run. 

Unfortunately changing web hosts sacrifices my top position in Google and other search engines. It would be a great help if visitors could please recommend my site in any of their social media such as . . . . 

We have moved!

It was time to say goodbye to the suburbs and enjoy the country lifestyle on a gorgeous  property
in Little Burra, Googong (see map below). Even though we're on the outskirts of Canberra it's merely
just a 12 minute drive to shopping centres such as Calwell or Jerrabomberra. 
Since we're positioned
in a lovely fertile valley I can now grow whatever I like, including having a home orchard, multiple veggie plots, a small flock of chickens as well as have even harvested our own hay!

My daughter and granddaughter's five magnificent horses help keep the grass down (while naturally converting it into valuable fertiliser) or otherwise can be seen having an absolutely great time frolicking around.

Please be advised that I've retired from breeding bunnies
and no longer provide boarding services.
our pygmy goats

 naughty little scallywags
Boots & Buttons

in Cute Videos

  Click on the bun to see the naked and daring to be different Mr Bigglesworth!

    & find a new page on my menu about some blood thirsty Carnivore Bunnies . . . 

Adorable opal Miniature Lop in Pet Rabbit World
Pet Rabbit World's stunning black Mini Cashmere Lop
The sweetest orange baby Mini Lop in Pet Rabbit World!

While you're here be sure to check out my book . . .


The Wonderful World of Pet Rabbits is our first and only, proudly Australian, fully comprehensive rabbit care book. This much needed resource to have on hand is ideal for everyone, as it helps clarify misinformation and answers multitudes of questions. You'll be sure to understand more about about your adorable pet rabbits behaviour and do right by them with housing, feeding, breeding, health issues and so on.

Find out what a number of readers think about it by checking out testimonials
in Pet Rabbit Book page. 

I don't intend to reprint hard copies again so I'd suggest you'd best grab a limited edition while they're still available! The paperback also won't be available as an entire eBook as the massive amount of content (weighs just over half a kilo) actually makes a digital version too big to download.


As an alternative however, I’m in the process of revising, improving and converting chapters into a number of eBooks. This way people would be able to choose whatever topical subjects they specifically need or are interested in the most. Say for example the breeding section would suit breeders though not suited to others. Or some would rather detailed information about housing or could be more concerned about making sure they feed their bunny properly and so on.


Check out eBooks

* Learning all about Bunnies *

* Home Sweet Home - your guide to housing rabbits *

* The Mating Game - your guide to breeding rabbits *

FREE eBook! * Showing off - your guide to showing rabbits * FREE eBook!


Go ahead and Buy Books Now!  

Hop, skip and jump into Pet Rabbit World!
Hop into Pet Rabbit World!
Hop into Pet Rabbit World!
Hop into Pet Rabbit World!
Hop into Pet Rabbit World!
Amazing harlequin Mini Lop buck

Wonderful compliments from fellow authors!


It was certainly a special privilege when US author Lucile Moore contacted me to include excerpts from my book for her publication 'Rabbit nutrition and Nutritional Healing'. These sections are 'Rabbit Droppings - proof of the pudding', 'The Fat Rabbit' and 'The Wonderful World of Weeds'.

In the introduction Lucile said, "I wish to welcome a new contributor to my works: Christine Carter, author of The Wonderful World of Pet Rabbits (which I highly recommend both to those who are contemplating getting a pet rabbit and those who already have one). When I first read her book on pet rabbit care I was struck by Christine's common sense approach to rabbit diet and asked if she would be willing to allow me to share it with those who may not be familiar with her work. Thank you, Christine for so generously donating several pieces for this book".

Hop, skip and jump into

Lucile also wrote  A House Rabbit Primer and When your Rabbit Needs Special Care, available in Amazon.

And blow me down found referrals in another book . . . 


I must admit to being both chuffed and dumbfounded when I accidentally found out that my book received several mentions in a non-fiction novel called 'Forbidden Fruit'! The story is based on a lady called Corinna who runs a bakery though becomes involved in a number of escapades including helping to track down a couple of teenage runaways. Apparently one of the characters rescues a homeless Dutch rabbit and bought my book, as he had to quickly find out how to take care of 'Bunny'.  

The author Kerry Greenwood lives in Victoria and much to her credit is a prolific writer of thirteen novels. I’m always in awe of fictional writers. It’s beyond me how they put such imaginative stories into words and in doing so manage to take us on a journey into another world!

Kerry kindly made a recommendation on her ‘Afterword’ page: “The best book on pet rabbits in Australia is definitely ‘The Wonderful World of Pet Rabbits’ by Christine Carter.

Hop, skip and jump into

Flyscreens help protect your bunnies from Myxomatosis Calicivirus, flystrike, spider bites etc! 

If local Canberrans need flyscreen to protect their rabbits from deadly disease carrying insects our family business Alucom retail mesh at a better price than Bunnings or other hardware stores.

Off cuts are sometimes available as well as various useful products such as scrap material, used security doors, which could
be utilized to make bunny enclosures and exercise runs.


156 - 158 Gladstone St, Fyshwick, Canberra, ACT

Phone (02) 62807465

Fax (02) 62806804


Alucom aluminium, Fyshwick, ACT

Click on screen shot to go to their web site:

Alucom web site

Alucom generously donated tough, protective security screens for our local RSPCA's extra large bunny enclosures. 

The screens help guard rescued rabbits from viruses (Myxomatosis was an ongoing problem)
as well as the occasional
scary snake intruders!

RSPCA rabbit enclosures
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